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GLBIMR organized Workshop on – How to Convert your SIP into PPO


In our continued commitment to shape careers and provide the best learning opportunities to PGDM students, GLBIMR organized a full day workshop on Summer Internship “How to Convert Your SIP into PPO?” on April 29, 2016 at our Greater Noida campus. On this occasion, Dr. Urvashi Makkar, Director General, welcomed the guests and shared how summer internship works as a first ladder to the corporate world for the uninitiated. She also emphasized that SIP is a critical step in the process of enhancing your credentials, and landing a PPO. It is an opportunity provided by the institute to work closely with professionals in desired field and to develop knowledge, competencies and experience related directly to the career goals.
The first guest speaker, Mr. Amit Singh, alumni of GLBIMR, Batch 2008- 2010,presently working as People Advisor, Accenture Operations,India shared his rich experiences and also gave innumerable tips to the current batch about how to choose relevant topics for SIP projects. The Second Speaker, Mr.Rohit Gandotra, alumni of GLBIMR, Batch 2008- 2010, presently associated with Damco Solutions Inc as Business Manager shared about hard work, dedication and expectations from an individual, from the organisational point of view .PGDM students were enthralled to learn the tips and techniques and ensured the incorporation of the same during the two months of summer internship. It was an extended learning experience for the PGDM students and will surely help them to convert the SIP into PPO.

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