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Our Eminent Alumni: Our Pride – Ravi Ranjan


The success of a family member is always a reason for joy to all. GLBIMR takes pleasure in sharing that our Alumni are not only occupying very significant & vital positions in various sectors but they are excelling in entrepreneurship as well. It’s our pleasure to showcase the achievement made by Mr. Ravi Ranjan, one of the eminent alumni of GLBIMR.
Mr. Ravi Ranjan is currently working as a Media Advisor to Honorable Shri. Rajnath Singh, Home Minister, Government of India, since 2013. He has also played an active role in the 2014 Election Campaign of BJP. After completing his PGDM, he started his career with RPG Group as Territory Business Manager. Mr. Ranjan later switched to LT Foods (Daawat Basmati). He is actively involved in Social & Political roles and contributing towards Nation building.

GLBIMR family is proud of you Ravi Ranjan!! You are definitely an inspiration for our students.



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